Adobe Spark Tools Overview

Adobe Spark is a pack of media creation applications consisting of three tools viz- Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video for making webpage, image-post and video presentation respectively on mobile and web both.

All the three services are provided by adobe for free with limited features. To get access all the pro features, you have to get the paid license which worth as without dispute, adobe is the world’s number one company for all design tools.

These tools came under Adobe Creative Cloud and your created work will automatically save on the cloud. You can see all your projects whether video or page or post in the adobe dashboard. For mobile users, these three tools are present in the form of three different apps. You can download any one according to your need.

History of Adobe Spark Tools

In the summer of 2014, Adobe launched a animated video app for iPad used to create video-stories, know by Adobe Voice. This later with more properties become Adobe Spark Video.

Next year in 2015, adobe launched a text and photo-centric storytelling app for the iPad, known as Adobe Slate. This tool later was renamed as Adobe Spark Page.

In the same year adobe launched a new social graphics app for the iPhone and iPad, known as Adobe Post later named as Adobe Spark Post.

So three different application has been submerged under creative Cloud as one pack known as Adobe Spark.

Let’s talk about all tools of Adobe Spark one by one

Adobe Spark Video

Adobe Spark Video is one of the three online tool of Adobe Spark Bundle for making and editing videos. You can create short video for social media, for presentation and projects etc. using clips and images with no time.

The best part of the software is that it requires no technical skill to create a video as the dashboard is simple and easy to use, even a new-bie can do it in no time. Want to know how to use adobe spark video maker?

Users can create video by adding clips and images in various slides in customize order, change the duration of the clip or image, add text and choose layout and theme of the video. Users can add pre-inbuilt free music to the video and use lots of free images in their video. Users can also record narration for their video.

The bad part of this tool is that, you can only upload 30 seconds duration of the video in a slide. For further, you have to increase it in different slide which is a messy task for long videos. That’s why this tool is not advised for long and professional video.

The final videos will contain a little good looking watermark written “Adobe Spark”. You can remove this watermark or add your own by upgrading to paid plan.

Adobe Spark Post

Creating designs and graphics can be challenging but fortunately adobe can help you creating gorgeous design in seconds. Adobe Spark Post tool is used for creating professional looking graphic design and image posts in no time and skill. This tool has all the powerful functionality you need to get the perfect design.

From social media posts advertisements to flyers, you can create amazing designs that will catch your viewer attention from adobe spark post all without any graphic design experience.

Adobe Spark Post dashboard looks as shown in the above picture. Here is the link to the page. The dashboard is very easy to use. All work is like drag and drop. You can upload images from your personal device or select free photo provided by adobe. You can remove background, blur add text and color to the image, add video-animation, resize and much more.

It contains almost 3k number of templates for you to choose from. All you need to do is to drop your content in and go. Like spark video, it also has the features of free stock images about 1M+ and you can choose any one in your project. It also have dozens of fonts to choose from.

If you are Creative Cloud member, or upgrade the license, then you will get get even more number of these things along with other features like dividing fonts into primary or secondary fonts that is entirely different style.

After your work is final, you can either publish it, invite friends from adobe circle or send it to the google drive or even download it on your device.

This tool is very helpful in making promotional post on facebook, instagram or whatsoever. For instance, if you want to make ads banner post to run advertisement on facebook, you can do it easily from this tool in no time.

Like Spark Video, your final product of the Spark Post also contain little water mark. To remove this water mark or use your own, you have to upgrade to paid version which is about $10/month.

Adobe Spark Page

As the name sounds, Adobe Spark Page is a free tool used to create beautiful webpage in just a few seconds all by just drag and drop without technical knowledge of website making. If you want to create a online page presentation or want to share stories online like diary entry or anything else which is accessible to anyone on internet without paying for domain or hosting, then this tool is best for you.

This tool is not for making complex money making web pages or site, even not like google blogger but a platform to create webpages to show online something for free. For instance, if you want to build resume which is online accessible to anyone for free, then you can easily do it from this tool.

The dashboard which looks as shown in the picture above is very easy to use. Here is the link to the tool. All you need to to is to just go the page by clicking the link. Then enter the title of the page and subtitle. You can add the background image. Now scroll down to add content of the page.

In the content area you can add anything to make the page attractive. You can add simple text, heading, images, button, links, videos and animation like photo-grid, glideshow and split layout. By using all these stuffs, you can make any page which looks as cool or even more than that created from coding or wordpress.

Same as other spark tool, you can either upload your own image form your device or use millions of creative commons images present in the adobe tool, just by searching and dragging. If you will upgrade the license or if you are a Creative Cloud member, you can unlock even more features like adding header and footer, Google Analytics tracking ID etc.

After your page is completed, you can preview it. And finally your page is ready to publish and share on social media. You can even print it or send it to Google Drive.

To know how to create web page from Adobe Spark Page step by step visit the link page.

Ya your work is ready to be accessible online to others. Your page link will look like……….

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